Comur’s gear cutting machines


Technology and performance

We specialize in the construction and marketing of high quality standard CNC gear machines, which can be customized to meet any customer's request.
Vertical and horizontal gear hobbing machines and gear shaping are our flagship. Our systems can respond to a wide range of production capacities: for hobbing diameters from 0 to 3000 mm and for modules from 0 to over 30.
In addition, our production includes many other machinery belonging to the field of gearing such as: CNC gears shaving machines, CNC and PLC hobs sharpening machines, chamfering machines and so on.

our products

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The high degree of customisation in one of our flagships; we produce every machine according to our customers’ needs and requests and in compliance with all safety regulations an CE certificates.
Our CNC machines are equipped with the most innovative technologies and the best components on the market, so as to ensure great spare parts reliability and availability.
The robust and oversized cast iron structures ensure great performance both on light and heavy machining.
Our plants are all predisposed to robotized servo installation and automatic loading systems.
The entire machinery production takes place within our facilities, from design to after-sales service, thus ensuring extreme flexibility and fast reaction times to any changes or additions to the supply. In addition, we guarantee an excellent assistance service with regard to our machines, responding in a very short time to customer requests.