Machine tools and accessories


Accessories and services


Complementary machines

Comur provides a wide range of accessories, such as: chip compactors or briquetting machines; gear waste compression systems, which transforms wastes into pressed "briquettes", recovering about 80% of the oil spilled with the chips, which is fed back directly into the machine; gear meters, with or without display, and many instruments to check gears’ coupling and rolling.


Interlocking systems

For those who need to serve our machines through robotic systems or external automated systems (portals, belt feeders, etc..), we can include these devices in our supply, relying on very trusted suppliers. All these additional services allow the customer to purchase "turnkey" solutions and be immediately ready to start production.

Accessories and equipment

We offer a wide range of accessories, such as: mechanical and hydrostatic guides for shapers, hob arbors, deburring devices, which allow the gear to be deburred during the same toothing process; double milling heads for chamfering machines, to name a few.
Moreover, we can offer the machine tooling service: we supply our hobbing machines with the necessary piece clamping equipment, managing internally the feasibility study, design, construction, installation and testing of the product.