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Our story


Comur was established in 1963, when the founder Enzo Tonelli, being appointed production supervisor of the machine-tool department of the historical company DEMM, had the simple but great idea of starting up his own activity of rebuild and remanufacture of used gear machinery.
The company has started by selling overhauled machines, thus expanding its business and its customers; after that, it started with the installation of the first Numerical Controls in the '80s.
From the small shop and after more than 50 years’ experience, Enzo has reached the goal of involving both his son Adolfo and his grandson Matteo into the business.
Today the company, still in Gaggio Montano, consists of two operating plants, divided into about 4000 square meters. It employs 30 skilled technicians, as well as advanced equipment and tools for machinery’s production.
Having abandoned its simple overhaul activity for several decades, Comur has specialised in the construction and sale of new CNC gear machines, especially gear shaping and hobbing machines, producing cutting-edge, technologically advanced systems.
Our outstanding experience has led the company to achieve a good growth and success, which is a result of company commitment to provide efficient and customized service to customers.
Our plants include all the departments that are necessary for the machinery’s production and marketing: we have a design office, commercial, administrative and logistics offices, plant assembly, a well-stocked mechanical machining department equipped with CNC machines (lathes, milling machines, boring machines, grinding machines, etc..), as well as carpentry, painting, hydraulic and electrical plant departments, software office, metrology and testing room and service office (assistance, spare parts and after-sales service).

What we are looking for and how we do it



We aim to provide our customers with highly technological and customized gear machines, in order to pursue a constant technical and technological evolution and increase our skills and infrastructure, all while maintaining our simplicity and human relationship with our customers, employees and collaborators.
Comur is a benchmark for the global gear tool industry and represents the Made in Italy in the world, maintaining today's passion and humility.


Our values are the essential guidelines on which we fully base our growth path and which we must all respect. Ethics, integrity, innovation and excellence: these are Comur's constant musts, we pursue them every day, in order to achieve them and raise their level.
We take pride in the top quality of products bearing our brand.


Our goal is to support our customers, providing them with customized tools that can meet their needs, in order to make them emerge.
We are committed to establishing ourselves as a real benchmark in the industrial sector worldwide, affirming the Made in Italy’s success in global mechanical industry.