Gear cutting machine tools


CNC gear hobbing machines production


Gear cutting machine tools


With more than 55 years of experience, Comur is a real leader within machine-tool market.
We are highly specialized in the manufacture of CNC gear hobbing and shaping machines, providing special tooling and fixtures for any kind of application.
All our plants are equipped with the most innovative technologies; we focus on the highest quality and reliability of our products, providing a wide variety of brand new components and equipment.
Over time, Comur has achieved the full range of solutions needed to better fulfil the needs of every customer; from mass/serial production to that of small-medium batches.



Our service does not limit to machinery’s supply; over the years, Comur has developed several skills and capabilities to manufacture a wide range of accessories and tooling related to gear machinery, such as: chip compactors; mechanical and hydrostatic guides for shapers, hob arbors, cutter spindle adapters, index discs and adjustable twin spindle milling heads.
We also provide customer with already equipped machines, carrying out in-house feasibility studies, design and construction of workpiece clamping equipment.
Moreover, we can equip our machines with innovative servo installation and automatic loading systems.

Our company

Our over fifty years of experience starts with the well-known DEMM company, a leader within the world-wide metalworking production market.

Our activity in gear machine tools began in the 1960s, first by overhauling traditional machinery for customers and today, after more than 55 years of technical and technological evolution, by building state-of-the-art CNC gearing systems.
The continuous desire for growth and innovation has led us to be what we are: a company consisting of two plants located in Gaggio Montano (BO) with 30 employees, including highly skilled technicians, sales and administrative staff and many other who have brought Comur’s expertise up to its actual top quality level.

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